Monday, March 05, 2018

2018 List of Summer Statistics and Methods Courses

Here is my 2018 compendium of summer stats and methods courses around the world. Check back often for updates!

Multiple programs at the same university or under the aegis of the same sponsor are shaded in color. As always, please notify me (via the link to my faculty webpage in the right-hand column) of errors, omissions, bad links, etc.

LAST UPDATED:  July 19, 2018 

Location (link)DeadlineSessionsTopics
AAPOR Convention Workshops (Denver)
5/15-19 (half-day courses)Variety of statistical, survey & sampling topics
APA Advanced Training Inst..........
Arizona State U.
5/29-6/2Longitudinal SEM
Arizona State U.
6/4-8Big Data
Michigan State
6/4-8Methods/racial-ethnic diversity
U. Cincinnati
6/18-22Non-linear methods
U. Wisconsin-Madison
8/13-17Single-case intervention research
American Statistical Assn (Vancouver)

Continuing education at Joint Statistical Meetings
AnalyticAble (Hilton Head, SC)
Burke Institute
3-4 day classes in many cities (schedules)Marketing, methodology, and statistics
BYU Family Studies Center - Workshop in Sundance, Utah6/86/20 (Mplus pre-session), 6/21-22Longitudinal SEM w/individual & family-level data
Ctr for the Adv of Res Methods and Analysis (CARMA)

Multiple topics in U.S. and international locations
Claremont Grad Univ
(also affiliated with TEI, see below)

8/15-22One-day workshops on evaluation and applied research methods (most days have multiple options for which course to take)
Concordia U (Montreal)
Spring workshops (old)
Curran-Bauer Analytics(Chapel Hill, NC)
Latent class/cluster
Longit. SEM
Enablytics (Toronto)
Spring & summer workshopsSEM, multilevel, growth modeling
Intl. Meeting of the Psychometric Soc.
(Columbia Univ., New York City)
7/9Pre-Conference Short Courses
Johns Hopkins/
Bloomberg SPH
urged by 6/4; but open until start of classes, if space permits
1- & 3-week courses (and shorter), 6/11-29Stat. and epi. techniques, survey methods, health issues
Johns Hopkins Summer Inst. in Mental Health Research
5/29-6/8Stat., epi., psychometric, and MH topics
Latent Variable Methods Workshop
(Providence, RI)

7/18-20 (tentative)Longitudinal
Loyola U. Chicago (downtown campus)3/128/5-11Meta-Analysis
MIT Professional Educ. (Cambridge, MA)6/18-22

Discrete Choice Analysis

Modeling/Simulation Transportation Networks
Michigan St U
(Enhancing Linkages btwn Math & Ecology)

5-7 day graduate courses in July & Aug
Michigan St U
Psychology (ADDED 5/9)

7/23-27Dyadic analysis
Muthen Mplus Courses

Short courses through the year at various locations
Northwestern U. Inst. for Policy ResearchCompetitive (application due 3/30); program will cover lodging & some other expenses7/30-8/9

Cluster-Randomized Trials
Ohio Program Evaluators' Group

Oklahoma St. U.4/15 (early-bird); 5/105/14-15Modeling within-person associations in longitudinal data (with Lesa Hoffman)
Penn St. U. (Methodology Center)

Optimization of Interventions (Bethesda, MD)

Ecological Momentary Assessment
Portland St. (OR)
6/17-231-day courses focused on R; also SEM
Quebec Inter-University Center for Social Statistics (QICSS)
May and June1-5 day courses (most in French; rest appear to be in English)
Scientific Software International (Chicago)
     " "
Society for Mathematical Psychology (Madison, WI)Potential funding for grad students & early professionals (apply by 3/15). Contact Daniela Mejia for info: mejia6@illinois.edu7/21-22International Workshop and Symposium on Probabilistic Specification and Quantitative Testing of Decision Theories (in conjunction with SPM)
STATA Usage Workshops (here & here)

Short courses all year in U.S. and other countries
Statistical Horizons

Brief workshops in Philadelphia and elsewhere
"Stats Camp"
(all year, in multiple locations; organized by Todd Little)

"Summer Camp" in Albuquerque, NM, 6/4-8, 6/11-1515 courses in all, including SEM and extensions thereof, Bayesian analysis,meta-analysis, and more
The Evaluators' Institute (TEI; affiliated with Claremont Graduate U)
Many courses centered on program development and evaluation
U at Buffalo
Qualitative Analysis
Spatial Analysis
Propensity Scores
U Calif Santa Barbara "Methods U" (Gevirtz Grad School of Educ)6/1 (added very late for 2018, but something to keep on radar for future)6/11-12SEM, Latent Class Analysis, Mediation-Moderation, Quasi-Exp
U Chicago (Summer Inst. on Field Experiments)


(6/7-8 & 21-22)
Mixture Modeling
Multilevel (with R)
Dyadic (with R)
(R prep sessions) 
UConn (Modern Modeling Methods)
Pre-conf (5/21)

Post-conf (5/24)
Just-in-Time Adaptive Interventions
IRT/Latent Variables
U Georgia College of Education

U Kansas Stats Camp
U Kentucky "LINKS Ctr"

6/4-8Social network analysis
U Maryland
(Joint Program in Survey Methodology)

Workshops all year, including summer
U Maryland
(Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation Program)
Workshops all year, including summer
U Maryland
E-mail Olivia Carter-Pokras for details

UMass Amherst
See within U. Michigan ICPSR
U Michigan
Ann Arbor (ICPSR)

4-wk courses (6/25-7/20 & 7/23-8/17) , plus 3-5 day workshops*Intro, regression, multivariate, SEM, Bayes, network analysis, longitudinal, "R,"...
U Michigan
Ann Arbor (SPH)

1- & 3-week coursesBiostat, epi, meta-analysis, clinical trials, survival analysis...
U Michigan
Ann Arbor (SRC)
6/4-7/27 (Lengths of few days to 8 wks)Questionnaire design, sampling, data analysis, qualitative, interviewing
U Minnesota (SPH)

(Three rounds of 1-week courses) 
Mainly public health content, but some methods courses (e.g., GIS, quantitative & qualitative analysis)
U North Carolina, Chapel Hill (Odum Institute)

Many courses, some in conjunction with Michigan ICPSR
UNC Greensboro/ Andy Supple (Applied Analyses)

5/21-24Latent-variable modeling/Mplus

7/26-27 (JUST ADDED)
Clin. Trials/Dyn. Trtmt
Longitudinal HLM
Applied Psychometrics

U San Francisco
Contact Tom Stillman

Math 101 - Elementary Stat 
Math 106 - Quant. Methods in Business
5/21-2427 four-day courses
U Washington
1- to 3-wk coursesHealth-oriented applications of statistics

*Some workshops in other cities, such as Amherst, MA; Boulder, CO; & Chapel Hill, NC.

Location (link)DeadlineSessionsTopics
Essex UK                  
Nearly 50 courses in statistics, methodology, and data visualization
Eurocamp (Held in 2018 as a "World Camp" in Australia)

European Consortium for Political Research, Methods School 4/20 (Early bird )7/26-8/10ECPR Summer School (Budapest, Hungary)
European Ed. Prog. in Epidemiology (Florence, Italy)


3-week course in Epi
GESIS, Cologne, Germany (and elsewhere)

Courses year-round
HSE University Russia (St. Petersburg) Institute of EducationAdmissions close 4/307/29-8/4International Summer School on Applied Psychometrics in Psychology & Education
Intl. Meeting of the Psychometric Society 

See USA for 2018
Istanbul (Turkey) Quantitative Lectures7/9-14Information Complexity...
King's College London
Courses year-round on statistics, methods, and mental health
Ljubljana Doctoral Summer School (Slovenia)4/13 (Early bird),  4/14-onward (Late fee)Three rounds of 1-wk courses (7/2-6, 7/9-13, 7/16-20)Exp. design, multilevel, mixed-methods, regression, SEM, PLS, qualitative (NVIVO)
London School of Economics (Methods Summer Program)
6/18-8/17Numerous 1- and 2-week courses
Modern Methods in Biostat & Epi (Italy)

6/3-16 (1- & 6-day courses)Epidemiology,
biostatistics, regression, survival
analysis, and other courses (many courses focus on Stata program)
Muthen Mplus Courses

Short courses through
the year at various
National Centre for Research Methods (UK)Ongoing courses
(including brief ones)

Northern Institute of Technology (Hamburg, Germany) ADDED 4/24
6/6-9Partial Least Squares
Oslo (Norway) Summer School in Comparative Soc. Science Studies
Mostly Political
Science courses,
but also specialized
methods courses (schedule)
Oxford U. 5/8-171-day workshops on R, SEM, multilevel models, IRT
Partial Least Squares
PLS School
Brief workshops all yearTopics focusing on
Partial Least Squares (courses in Europe)
PS Statistics (Glasgow, Scotland)7/2-6Social Network Analysis (Using R)
St. Petersburg, Russia
IPSA-HSE Summer School in Concepts, Methods and Techniques in Political Sci.
Early registration ended 2/1Two rounds of 1-wk courses (7/30-8/3, 8/6-10), plus beginner R course 7/26-2810 courses including regression, SEM, text analysis, & qualitative methods
Soc. for Imprecise Probability: Theories and Applications (SIPTA), Oviedo, Spain (held in even-number years)7/24-28
U Amsterdam 




Model-Based Neuroscience

Bayesian Modeling for Cognitive Science; JASP & Win BUGS

Bayesian Hypothesis Testing/JASP
U Amsterdam 
Psych Systems

Now appears to hold winter workshops
U Calabria, Italy, Research Methods for Social SciencesCourses taught in English 7/16-20 (Text mining) & 9/10/14 (Exp. design)... plus 8 other courses in Italian throughout the summer
U Edinburgh, ScotlandShort courses
UK "Figure It Out" (London School of Econ., Birkbeck College, & other venues)Year-roundNumerous 1-day courses
U Manchester (UK) UPDATED 4/217/2-6
R, longitudinal,  social networks, SEM/Mplus
UMIT (University for Health Sciences, Medical Informatics and Technology) Tyrol, Austria 

Courses year-round
U of Oxford (see Oxford U. above)
U Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona)
6/25-7/6Numerous 2- and 3-day courses
U St. Gallen (Switzerland; Global School Empirical Research Methods)June (primarily)Several 5-day courses
U Ulster (N. Ireland UK)

U Verona (Italy)7/2-6Longitudinal (multilevel and SEM)
Utrecht Univ. Netherlands

Statistics and survey-research courses, along with social-science content courses
XL Stat 

Brief courses year-round in Paris, London, New York, & elsewhere 

Link to Google Translate to figure out phrases in languages other than one's own.

Location (link)DeadlineSessionsTopics
National University of Singapore (IPSA)
3/31 (early-bird); 6/15; see financial aid
6/25-7/6Social science research methods
PLS Conference

Tel Aviv Univ. SWARM (Summer Workshops in Advanced Research Methods)6/16/14-15, 17
Adv. Regression
Mplus SEM
Multilevel Analysis
U of Melbourne (Statistical Consulting Ctr)

Courses throughout the year
U of Sao Paulo (IPSA; Methods & Concepts in Political Science)
1/14-2/1, 2019
(summer in Brazil)

"World Camp" (Brisbane)
4/26-28Latent Class/Latent Profile, SEM, Mplus